A Message from Rep. Pat McElraft

As the wife of a Marine, I learned very quickly the meaning of service. Although my service to my community as a State Legislator pales in comparison to the service of our men and women in uniform, I believe it is a way I can do my part.

From my time on the Emerald Isle Town Council through my current role in the North Carolina House of Representatives, I’ve seen the political winds change as often as our coastal breezes. However I have strived to be consistent; consistently conservative.

I believe that with sound fiscal management of your tax dollars, we can meet the needs of North Carolina’s citizens without burdening them with excessive taxes. I’m proud to have played a role in lowering personal taxes, sales taxes and corporate taxes. I was proud to support one of the highest teacher pay raises in the nation and to put a cap on North Carolina’s gas tax.

There’s more work to be done, but I need your vote to continue that work. Please head to the polls and cast your vote for Pat McElraft for N.C. House.